D Series(Chisel)

D series(Chisel)

Chisel soldering iron tips

Chisel soldering iron tips
  • profile:soldering irons of Chisel tip,with all kinds of styles listed with specific shape,helps you to use it for working more effectively and efficiently.

Product description and soldering tips Feature:  


1,Chisel style shaped

2.Variety types with precise dimensions 

3.Long service lifespan 

4.Easy to plate tin 

5.Not easy to be oxidizing



Shape-D Soldering Tip (slot type) are good for soldering with the tsui part.  



Suitable for weld which need many tin, e.g.: the weld circumstance such as large area welding, thick terminal, large solder pad.


Many people like chisel tips especially for surface mount applicationss. The idea is to have the tip be 60% the width of the pad,  this will allow the soldering process to take place as quickly as possible with the least amount of thermal stress on the component.  Chisel tips are thicker at the tip which will store more heat.


Chisel tips are ideal for:

  • Through hole
  • Surface mount
  • Wire
  • desoldering w/ solder braid


Part of soldering tips specification picture showed below: